Saturday, September 22, 2012

DIY Craftiness: Comfy Casual Cover-up

This tutorial was inspired by this video, I watched it but couldn't really pull off any of the ways with the scarf I had, so I took one idea, and tweaked it (inner DIYer) to suit my scarf. So this is going to show you how to make a CCC (Comfy Casual Cover-up) made with just a large rectangle scarf! I've been wearing this over and over again because I love it so much. (By the way, I recommend getting a scarf with fringe; it really adds a nice touch to the finished product!)

Start off by lying down your scarf flat on the floor or table.

Find the middle of your scarf and pull it up so you can see where it is.

 Bring the upper left hand corner to the middle.

The cute feet of a certain black feline.

And tie the corner and middle together to make a knot.

Look! You have your first armhole!

Take the upper right hand corner...

Bring it to the middle...

Bring it up through the sleeve and tie it. You don't need to knot it.

And voila! You have two sleeves!

The front.

The back.

Enjoy wearing your new CCC! I'll bet nobody will guess you made it out of a scarf.

By the way, comment if you want a nail tutorial for the nail design I have in these pictures!

Good luck!


  1. Oh wow! That's really clever! I'm quite impressed with this DIY.

  2. so cute--I love it! I might have to try it with some fun scarves I have.